Phil Liff


Date Artist/Song Edit Summary
Sep 05, 2012 17:25 Slash - Anastasia

Changed the Volume mix, fasten it up a little, changed sound of lead guitar to British Stack Overdrive

Updated tab from "11698287.gp5" to "11698288.gp5".

Sep 05, 2012 17:02 Slash - Anastasia

Edited RSE on Slashs Lead guitar

Updated tab from "11696853.gp5" to "11698287.gp5".

Sep 04, 2012 16:53 Slash - Anastasia

Only changed Acoustic Lead Guitar to Overdriven Les Paul

Updated tab from "11563627.gp5" to "11696853.gp5".

Mar 19, 2012 22:34 Slash - The Godfather Live Tokyo 92

When I was a beginner, I could not do that, and you too! know it is nothing for us all, but i think the middle will fix it!

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