The lord of tacos


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Mar 26, 2012 00:48 Coheed And Cambria - Far

Overall much more accurate, solo is better, sounds more like the song.

Updated tab from "3792688.gp5" to "11466959.gp5".

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Jun 04, 2011 03:44 Coheed And Cambria - Gravemakers And Gunslingers

the intro riff is a little smoother, the solos sound better, the chorus and the verse a better as we

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Apr 09, 2011 08:12 Disturbed - Never Again

more accurate chorus, slight changes in the verse, intro, and solo

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Aug 01, 2010 03:54 Coheed And Cambria - Welcome Home (Solo)

Initial revision

Apr 21, 2010 10:42 Disturbed - Stupify

This one is more specific on the main riff and its better on the timing.

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