Matthew Dumas


Date Artist/Song Edit Summary
Jun 26, 2012 00:47 Green Day - Holiday

Fixed the floor tom parts in a few places which I couldn't get right the last time. I think these are spot on now. Added markers.

Updated tab from "11592971.gp5" to "11599598.gp5".

Jun 21, 2012 05:33 Green Day - Holiday

Removed each instance of 2 floor toms as this was only a single floor tom being played. Edited chorus's to be the ride bell rather than just the ride cymbal. Added flams where they should be. Fixed numerous small issues with incorrect crashes/open hi hats. There are a few spots with the triple toms that I just can't get perfect in this software, but they are closer now.

Updated tab from "11555940.gp5" to "11592971.gp5".