eBGDAE1=128442345678910You see it all11991111around you, 91112good lovin' gone bad.119119full131214And usually it's too late when you1211991115991191116realize what you had.1191199full17918And my mind goes back to a girl that I met12111212191112119121120some years ago121191192112who told me.101210full22Just hold on loosely, 991191123924but don't let go.9991191125926If you cling too tightly991191127928you're gonna loose control.9991191129930Your baby need someone to beleive in, 1111991131111111811932And a whole lotta space to breath in.999119103331011full934It's so damn easy,1193591136when your feelings are such.119119full371238To over protect121199939her, 1140to love her too much.1191199full41942And my mind goes back to a girl that I met12111212431112119121144some years ago121191194512who told me.101210full46Just hold on loosely, 991191147948but don't let go.991199full49950If you cling too tighly,991191151952you're gonna loose control.9991191153954Your baby need someone to beleive in,1111991155111111811956and a whole lot of space to breathe in.999119103571011full9585960Don't let it slip away.887810619fullfull62Sentimental fool, 77777½63964Don't let your heart get in the way88788106577Yeah, yeah, yeah76679867You see it all around you,1199116891169good lovin' gone bad.119119full701271And usually it's11991172too late when you,991191173realize what you had.1191199full74975So hold on loosely,991191176977but don't let go,9991191178979If you cling too tightly,991191180981you're gonna loose control.9991191182983Your baby needs someone to beleive in,1111991184111111811985and a whole lot of space 99911910386to breathe in.1011full987So hold on loosely,991191188989but don't let go.9991191190991If you cling too tighly,991191192993you're gonna loose it,119111199411full9911you're gonna loose control.11959969798Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah91199999100101102103So hold on loosely,99119111049105but don't let go,999119111069107If you cling too tightly,99119111089109you're gonna loose control.99911911full1109111So hold on loosely,7991127579113but don't let go,991191111411full911599If you cling too tightly,99111161181191179you're gonna loose control.9991199118Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah911991199120121122123124125126127128129130131132133134135136137138139140141142143144145146147148149150
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