eBGDAE1Intro=104142443456789101112131415161718Piano19202122Estrofa 1Down to who knows who13114233just to socialize131132412526I'm waiting for my girls313114273when you call my eyes1311322812930You got no way to make31102442231a man41honey31you got3332to understand30313I'm your man13033child lord of the thighs022222223341335Piano36373839Estrofa 2Well well lordie my God333134403what do we got here? 131134114243She's flashing 'cross the floor313114443make it perfectly clear1313134514647You're the bait and you're31102442248the hook41someone 'bound to313349take a look42313I'm your man13050child02lord of the thighs2222223511352Solo 153545556EstribilloYou must have come here to find72686453257it2258You've got the look in your7268645 eyes45965360Although you really don't7268645 mind3261it2262I am the lord of your726864563thighs3236417265Solo 26667686970717273EstribilloYou must have come here to find7286888474 it3175You've got the look in your72686454…eyes7665377Although you really don't7268645 mind3278it2279I am the lord of your726864580thighs323811382Outro83848586Ruidos87888990919293949596979899100101102103104105106107108109110111112113114Change tuning (R)