Standard (EADGBE)


I could go off the deep end,

I can kill all my best friends.

I can follow those stylish trends.

God knows I can make amends.

But I've got an angry heart, filled with cancer and poppy tarts.

If this is how you folks make art, well that's fucking depressing.

And it's sad to know

that we are not alone

and it's sad to know there's no easy way out.

Im afraid to leave the house,

Im as timid as a mouse.

Im afraid if I go out

Ill out wear my welcome.

Im not a courageous man.

I dont have any big, lasting plans.

Too cowardly to take a stand,

I want to keep my nose clean.

And it's sad to know that we are not all alone in this,

and its sad to know there's no honest way out.

In this life we lead, we can conquer everything

If we can just get the braves to get out of

bed in the morning.