Standard (EADGBE)

There will come a day when our cells won't regenerate

and everyone you know will rot away, rot away

Your friends and enemies and all your family

we will all be buried in the ground, in the ground

So make the most of it.

Life's too short to fuck with.

Once an hour a day I get very sad

Once an hour a day I get depressed

When that hour is over I start to feel okay

because I'm reminded I'll rot away, rot away.

I don't have much time to hang out here and cry

and though that may feel nice I can't do that every day

I've had a lot of friends and they've done a lot of drugs

and those drugs made my friends rot away, rot away

They say that Jesus saves but Jesus doesn't care

because he is in a grave, in a grave, in a grave

Let's be our own God, take care of ourselves and the ones that we love