Standard (EADGBE)

Intro/Trombone solo:

(listen to song for timing, its kinda hard to describe)

I've had a bad day, I am ashamed, And I'm afraid

And I am drained of what was named self-respect

If the bridge that I was driving over

Collapsed while I was driving over it

That may not be such a bad thing

I would finally meet my maker

I could meet the great creator

And I'd punch him for teaching me how to sing

And my body would be at the bottom

Of a lake in West Virginia

Instead of the bottom of this bottle that I drink

I don't have a drinking problem

Don't have a drinking solution

I don't think I ever learned to think

And no one knows

What it's like to be

Anybody but themselves

No one

No-o one

No-o one else

(Thank you)