Standard (EADGBE)

earnesty and clarity, those wonderful mentalities

of decent positivity are all that we can scribe

but misery and poverty they follow me and my family

and though it seems that i can't win, i think i have to try

everyone's afraid of me, they'll never see that we all leave

the same damn blood each night

so you'll go your way and i'll go mine

i hope we meet later on down the line

sense and sensibility and peaceful productivity

a pretty girl with broken wings is all that i desire

but there's so much hostility in all the things surrounding me

the awful blow of enmity is trying to stop me shine

so i try to look inwardly at all the things inside of me

but sodomy and buggery keep bubbling to the top

so you'll go forward and i'll go back

i hope we catch up with each other on the track

and i've been thinking awkwardly about the things that are holy

like Jesus, Joseph, and Mary and Mary Magdalene

and even theoretically i don't think i could ever see

the perfect human being Jesus lived without sin

so you'll go upward and i'll go down

you'll go upward and i'll go down

you'll go upward and i'll go down

i'll see you in hell when we die