eBGDAE1=137242Intro44345Add Me facbook : iz ziee6789It's been so long779111011that I haven't seen111111111212 your face119913Verse 1Im tryna be strong999111214But the strength I have is 1212151212121216washing away1299917It wont be long 779111819before i get you 11111420by my side14141411921And just hold 9111222you, tease you, squeeze you till12121212231212I was fill all my mind1212249119925ChorusI wanna make up 111199269right now now now777277I wanna make up 11119928right now now now9779299Wish we never broke 12121212123012up right now now now11119317we need to link 1214121232up right now now now12111112339I wanna make up 11119934Chorus9right now now now777357I wanna make up 11119936right now now now9779379Wish we never broke 12121212123812up right now now now11119397we need to link 1214121240up right now now now1211111241Verse 29Girl I know 79114243mistake were made between us two11111144119911945And we show 9111246our eyes that 121247now even 1212948says somethings11111211true9949watch you go 79115051and haven't seen my1114141652 girl since then1414111453why can it be the way it …14121112…was541112119557coz you were my 779111156homie lover friend11119957ChorusI wanna make up 111199589right now now now777597I wanna make up 11119960right now now now9779619Wish we never broke 12121212126212up right now now now11119637we need to link 1214121264up right now now now12111112659I wanna make up 11119966Chorus9right now now now777677I wanna make up 11119968right now now now977969Add me ta facebook iz ziee9Wish we never broke 12121212127012up right now now now11119717we need to link 1214121272up right now now now12111112739I cant lie 77747I miss you much479775Watching everyday that goes by799711119769I miss you much979777Verse 2Until I get you back im gonna try999711119787yes, I miss you much979779Cuase you are the apple of my eye 779711119780(girl, I miss you much, I miss you much)7479781I cant lie77827I miss you much479783Watching everyday that goes by799711119849I miss you much979785Until I get you back im gonna try999711119867yes, I miss you much979787Cause you are the apple of my eye779711119788(girl, I miss you much, I miss you much)7479789ChorusI wanna make up 111199909right now now now777917I wanna make up 11119992right now now now9779939Wish we never broke 12121212129412up right now now now11119957we need to link 1214121296up right now now now1211111297Chorus9I wanna make up 111199989right now now now777997I wanna make up 111199100right now now now97791019Wish we never broke 121212121210212up right now now now111191037we need to link 12141212104up right now now now12111112105Add me at facebook iz ziee9I want you to fly with me 9976610677107I miss how you lie with me9977610877109Just wish you could dine with me111197911077111The one that'll grind with me111197911277113I want you to fly 99766114with me77115I miss how you lie with me9977611677117Just wish you could dine with me111197911877119The one that'll grind with me111197912077121ChorusI wanna make up 1111991229right now now now7771237I wanna make up 111199124right now now now97791259Wish we never broke 121212121212612up right now now now111191277we need to link 12141212128up right now now now12111112129Last Chorus9I wanna make up 1111991309right now now now7771317I wanna make up 111199132right now now now97791339Wish we never broke 121212121213412up right now now now111191357we need to link 12141212136up right now now now121111121379138