cGD#A#FC1=2351282Epic Intro345678910111213141516171819202122Pre-Verse2324252627282930Verse 1Many moons ago, in a055355331far away land, we5535732met an old man, with a88887533hook for a hand. He7777734showed us a map, to0555535treasures untold, he said "I'll553555736give you the map if you88887537give me some gold!"777738Pirate Bit ARRRHH!39404142434445 For some0346Verse 2pieces of eight, the5555547deal was done, he535748gave us the map, our8888549quest had begun. We7777750gathered our crew, and set05555351sail on the waves, and we55355752knew we'd be rich by the88887553end of the day. Now we're77775754Bridgesailing over the8888855oceans and seas, with a87555556lust for gold, and the7777757power of steel!!!777758759yeeeaaah!1260ChorusOver the seas!055561WE SHALL RIDE!87562Searching for treasure,1212121210863into the night!1010101064Over the seas! Our0555565quest has begun! And5535766we shall not stop with the8810123367dawn of the sun!1087568Epic Post-Chorus697071727374757677787980Pre-Verse818283Through584Verse 3treacherous seas, we0555585reached the lost isle, and5535786over it's shores we8888587marched for many miles. Un-77777588til we discover'd, where the05555389treasure did lay, with5535790gold coins and jewels8888891gleaming inside! Now we're77775792Bridgesailing over the8888893oceans and seas, with a87555594lust for gold, and the7777795power of steel!!!777796797yeeeaaah!1298ChorusOver the seas!055599WE SHALL RIDE!875100Searching for treasure,12121212108101into the night!10101010102Over the seas! Our05555103quest has begun! And55357104we shall not stop with the88101233105dawn of the sun!10875106Guitar Solo107108109110111112113114Keyboard Solo115116117118119120121122Some Other Solo123124125126127128129Now we're57130Bridgesailing over the88888131oceans and seas, with a875555132lust for gold, and the77777133power of steel!!!77771347135yeeeaaah!12136ChorusOver the seas!0555137WE SHALL RIDE!875138Searching for treasure,12121212108139into the night!10101010140Over the seas! Our05555141quest has begun! And55357142we shall not stop with the88101233143dawn of the sun!10875144Final ChorusOver the seas!0555145WE SHALL RIDE!875146Searching for treasure,12121212108147into the night!10101010148Over the seas! Our05555149quest is done! And5357150we shall be home by the88101233151dawn of the sun!10875152153