Alice in Chains - Angry Chair Chords

Main Riff
Main Riff
Main Riff
No chord
Down guitar tuning
No capo
Eb -----------------
Bb -----------------
Gb -----------------
Db -----------------
Ab ------2-----3----
Eb --0-----0--------
This riff is sort of a play off of Eb5 to Eb#5. The other guitar, I believe just plays and Eb5 power chord. The part that goes -what do I see cross the way, heeyyy....- is:
Eb ---------------------
Bb ---------------------
Gb ---------------------  (the fifth fret is bended)
Db --3-3-3-3-2--2-------
Ab --3-3-3-3-2--2-------
Eb --1-1-1-1-0--0--5b---
The other part to the song, the emotional -I don~t mind- part is:
Eb ----------------------------------------------------
Bb ----------------------------------------------------
Gb ----------------------------------------------------
Db --7--7--9--9-9--4--4--5--5--7--7--9--9-9--2-----2bb-
Ab --7--7--9--9-9--4--4--5--5--7--7--9--9-9--2---------
Eb --5--5--7--7-7--2--2--3--3--5--5--7--7-7--0---------
And that is basically it!

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