eBGDAE1Intro=197142443456789101112131415161718Verse Locked down7 and a-77719 -lienat-7 -ed7420 Con- -fused7 and com-77721 -pli- -ca- -ted77 Now71022 it seems8623You still2 have2 my heart223242526 Shot down7(8) and u-7(8)7(8)7(8)27 -naccept-7(8) -ed7(8)4(4)28 Some- -times7(8) i get7(8)7(8)7(8)29 the feel- -ing7(8)7(8) e-7(8)10(11)30 -verything8(8)6(8) was3(4)31finish2 from2 the2 stars443323334Pre-Chorus But i'm2(2) scared2(2)2(2)35 of what i'll find2(3)1(2)122(2)363738 The search2 for2(2) an-2(2)2(2)39 -swers just keeps2(3)1(2)12go-2(2)40 -ing4(7)41now- -here6(7)(8)4(2)(2)(2)42 All i2(2) know2(2)2(2)43 is that its2(3)1(2)12kill- 2(2)44 -ing me 1(2) in- -side4(3)2(3)2(3)45 As i1(2) raise1(2)2(2)46 this fi- -nal1(2)4(4) bo-2(3)2(3)47 -ttle to the sky2(3)1(2)2(2)6(6)484950Chorus Here's to pro-2(2)2(2)2(2)51 -mi- -ses2(2) that1(2) die2(1)2(1)52 Here's to all221(2)253 the nights2(2) we've4(4) said2(1)4(4)54 our last2(1) good- -byes2(1)0(1)2(1)55 As we2(1) burned2(1)4(4)56 a- -no- -ther2(1)2(1) day0(1)2(1)57 off all our lives 2(1)2(1)122258 Here's to me-22222259 -mories1 that22 will fade1212160 like the pho-2212261 -to- -graphs2(2) that screams4(4)2(1)4(4)62 of be- -tter2(1)2(1) days0(1)2(1)63 it's all2(1) weig-2(1)2264 -hing1265on my mind432(3)4366Intro6768697071727374Verse 2 Knocked down4 and de-44475 -vas- -tat-2 -ed3276 re- -fused4 and un-44477 -ders- -tat- -ed41 now2178 i see42 how79 you stole22 my2 heart23808182 Now i'm7(8) to breathe7(8)7(8)7(8)83 with- -out7(8) you7(8)4(4)84 Some- -times7(8) i get7(8)7(8)7(8)85 the feel- -ing7(8)7(8) e-7(8)10(11)86 -verything8(8)6(8) is3(4)87tearing2(2) us2(2) a- -part2(2)4(3)43888990Pre-Chorus But i'm2(2) scared2(2)2(2)91 of what i'll find2(3)1(2)122(2)929394 The search2 for2(2) an-2(2)2(2)95 -swers just keeps2(3)1(2)12go-2(2)96 -ing4(7)97now- -here6(7)(8)4(2)(2)(2)98 All i2(2) know2(2)2(2)99 is that its2(3)1(2)12kill- 2(2)100 -ing me 1(2) in- -side4(3)2(3)2(3)101 As i1(2) raise1(2)2(2)102 this fi- -nal1(2)4(4) bo-2(3)2(3)103 -ttle to the sky2(3)1(2)2(2)6(6)104105106Chorus Here's to pro-2(2)2(2)2(2)107 -mi- -ses2(2) that1(2) die2(1)2(1)108 Here's to all221(2)2109 the nights2(2) we've4(4) said2(1)4(4)110 our last2(1) good- -byes2(1)0(1)2(1)111 As we2(1) burned2(1)4(4)112 a- -no- -ther2(1)2(1) day0(1)2(1)113 off all our lives 2(1)2(1)1222114 Here's to me-222222115 -mories1 that22 will fade12121116 like the pho-22122117 -to- -graphs2(2) that screams4(4)2(1)4(4)118 of be- -tter2(1)2(1) days0(1)2(1)119 it's all2(1) weig-2(1)22120 -hing12121on my mind432(3)43122Interlude123124125126127128129130131132133134135136137138Pre-Chorus But i'm2(2) scared2(2)2(2)139 of what i'll find2(3)1(2)122(2)140141142 The search2 for2(2) an-2(2)2(2)143 -swers just keeps2(3)1(2)12go-2(2)144 -ing4(7)145now- -here6(7)(8)4(2)(2)(2)146 All i2(2) know2(2)2(2)147 is that its2(3)1(2)12kill- 2(2)148 -ing me 1(2) in- -side4(3)2(3)2(3)149 As i1(2) raise1(2)2(2)150 this fi- -nal1(2)4(4) bo-2(3)2(3)151 -ttle to the sky2(3)1(2)2(2)6(6)152153154Chorus Here's to pro-2(2)2(2)2(2)155 -mi- -ses2(2) that1(2) die2(1)2(1)156 Here's to all221(2)2157 the nights2(2) we've4(4) said2(1)4(4)158 our last2(1) good- -byes2(1)0(1)2(1)159 As we2(1) burned2(1)4(4)160 a- -no- -ther2(1)2(1) day0(1)2(1)161 off all our lives 2(1)2(1)1222162 Here's to me-222222163 -mories1 that22 will fade12121164 like the pho-22122165 -to- -graphs2(2) that screams4(4)2(1)4(4)166 of be- -tter2(1)2(1) days0(1)2(1)167 it's all2(1) weig-2(1)22168 -hing12169on my mind41222170Outro1217143172173Weighing4(3) on4(3) my4(3) mind12221741217543176177Weighing4(3) on4(3) my4(3) mind223178179180181182183184185186187188189190Change tuning (R)