Standard (EADGBE)


Sitting alone in the cold of the night

You're trying to find what you need to survive

You're so afraid

You can't go on

Left in the silence that tears at your heart

They only remind you how broken you are

You've lost your way

But hope is not gone


'Cause the sun always sets

The moon always falls

It feels like the end

Just pay no mind at all

Keep rolling, rolling

Life must go on

Verse 2

Do you remember and long for the past

When love was eternal

And joy seemed to last


Forever is gone



We have our misfortunes

The darkest of days

We must endure and keep strong

Just look to the morning

The promise awaits

And know that this life must go on


(chorus chords)

Can't be bothered to count how many times, just play until the end :)

Really it's a very easy song to play chords with, sounds gorgeous too :D

Email me if you have any questions or anything, or any corrections would be

welcome although I'm very sure I've done it right!

Happy playing!!