Standard (EADGBE)

Riff 1

For all you lazy ones like myself out there who dont want to scroll down, it basically

goes C Am Em for the verses, and does riff 1, then for the chorus it starts out with F

then Am Em Am C Am then you start the verse again.

Here are lyrics and more detailed map of the song...


C for like 8 beats then it goes to C Am Em and riff 1...


You pin the medals to your chest

and settle down for seven minutes rest

You dim the lights, administer the cure

You tried it several times, you're still not sure


You take the first one for free

And pass it on to me

I don't refuse

Baby, if you only knew

Post Chorus:

[[ Start playing the verse progression again ( ) ]]

[[ Guitar 2 does Riff 1 ]]

But I don't think you do


You take the lines from ordinary books

You're disappointed in the way she looks

You cut the circulation to your hand

And calculate the motion of the land


Then you fall back asleep

And wander down the street

that loses you

Don't say you feel the same way too

Post Chorus

Honey, I don't think you do


You cut the worms and bait them on the hooks

You cast a line towards the closest brooks

You meet the girl who says she knows the plan

You act impressed and say you understand


Cause you like to believe

That all that love is free

Oh, someone like you

Will never be lonely, or get go through

Post Chorus

But darling, it's not true

End on Em

hope you have lots of good times..

and dont get sick now that you have the anecdote!!!

lol :