Standard (EADGBE)

Verse 1

a third party at a table for two

sorry i dont mean to intrude

but it was you and me before you met her

all the love songs you wrote for me

(You) stuck her name where mine used to be

but my name in them fits the rhythm better

Pre chorus 1

I'd go if you had a ride

I'd smoke if you had a light

And I fall every time for this


And love is trippy like that

sometimes you think that you've got it

nobody's gonna trip you

outta this one baby

But love will slip through your hands

you never know how to hold it

control it, if you're gripping

and it's tripping you up

Verse 2

same as the first)

Says the woman who sings at the bar

this is for youy, you know who you are

i was you once, looking for someone I never found...

she paints in a low smokey voice

pictures of bruises, bad days and boys

and how they stood her up just to let her down

Pre chorus 2 (same)

she'd win if you were the prize

(she) gives into all of your lies

she falls every time for this...


(Bridge fits here but I don't play this so...)

Pre chorus 1


end on a g

if anyone has any sugggestions I would really love to hear them...also have fun.