Standard (EADGBE)

Verse 1

F And so you had the A last laugh - ha ha F ho... I laughed you off a A long time ago.

F Your ever changing A personality never G fails to tickle me at E all.

F You said you were a A white witch, F reminds me of a A movie that you'd seen.

F Well can you still open A doors with just your mind?

In this G little space in time, I've E played with better things.


F Everything you've done... A F The games you said you'd A won - I still re F

member all too A well.

F The foes that fought and A lost - F the fools that bore your A cross -

I still re F member all too A well. F A And it's all a state of F mind. A


F I've seen you crave af A fection - F affected minds don't A work too evenly.

F What did you call it when you A stabbed me in the back? and re G wrote in

retrospect E lovers pain

F Where do you find re A demption? F Tucked away in A pre-recorded dreams?

F Do you wake each morning A wondering when it came?

The ex G periments in pain no E longer here in my world.


/ / / / x2


. . x3