eBGDAE1Intro=1194423ChorusSugar,524Ah, honey honey3775756You are my candy, girl357757108And you got me wanting you5555290331011Verse 1I just can't believe the love -222222312liness of lo -335ving you203131415I just can't believe the won - 222222316der of this fee335 ling too2031718Ah,519ChorusSugar,5220Ah, honey honey377217522You are my candy, girl35723571024And you got me wanting you55552250332627Verse 2When I kissed you girl I knew how sweet a kiss2222223283352could be03293031Like the summer sunshine pour your sweetness222222332335over me20333341412101210535BridgeSugar,523637383940414243Outro ChorusSugar,52443Ah, honey honey377457546You are my candy, girl35747571048And you got me wanting you555524903350OutroHoney5251Ah, sugar sugar377527553You are my candy, girl357545710555657