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eBGDAE1=155do you remember the time2222224442I knew a girl from mars?22224432i don't know42244if you knew that42215oh, we'd stay up late playin' cards2222222462henry winterman ci - gars2244472but she ne -4268ver told me her name677649I still love03610you the girl from mars667621112131415Verse 2sitting in a dre -2222416my daze by the water's edge6424241724on218a cool summer night4421219fireflies and stars222420in the sky, gentle glow -64242421ing light24from222your cigarette421223the breeze blow-2224246ing softly on my face42442524reminds0226me of something else4421227something that in222428my memory has been64242429misplaced24su-230ddenly all comes back4421231and232as i look to the stars42221233Chorusi remember the time22222434i knew a girl from mars222244352i don't know422364if you knew that422137oh, we'd stay up late playin' cards22222224382henry winterman ci - gars22444392but she ne -42640ver told me her name6776441I still love03642you the girl from mars667624344454647Verse 3surging through the2222448darkness over the moonlit strand6424244924electricity in the air202504421251twisting all through2222452the night on the terrace6424245324now that summer's here254421255I know that you222456are almost in love64242457with me24I can see it in your eyes20258421259strange li - ghts222460shimmering under the sea tonight6424246124and it al-20262most blows my mind421263and264as i look to the stars42221265Chorusi remember the time22222466i knew a girl from mars222244672i don't know422684if you knew that422169oh, we'd stay up late playin' cards22222224702henry winterman ci - gars22444712but she ne -42672ver told me her name6776473I still love03674you the girl from mars667627576777879Guitar Solo80818283848586878889909192939495Verse 4to -2day I sleep22496in the chair by the win-64242497dow24it felt2298as if you'd returned4421299I thought that you2224100were standing over me4222410124when I woke222102there was no one there44212103i still22104love you the girl from242213105Chorusmars, d'you52 remember the time22222224106i knew a girl from mars2222441072i don't know4221084if you knew that4221109oh, we'd stay up late playin' cards222222241102henry winterman ci - gars224441112but she ne -426112ver told me her name42212113Outro chorus d'you remember the time22222224114i knew a girl from mars2222441152i don't know4221164if you knew that4221117oh, we'd stay up late playin' cards222222241182henry winterman ci - gars224441192and i26120still dream of you6764121I still love036122you the girl from mars66762123Change tuning (R)
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