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eBGDAE1=100442345678910111213Verse 1i set off this morning down the road74747452635252749614along the river, which I969685745274521574take but once a year...52635252521641my5217walk will take me by the shore747474526352527418then inland for a mile or more96969696745274521974from the cold sea spray5263525252204121222324252627285229Verse 2a small wood stand upon the hill, an74747452635252749630and old house near, it lies in ruins9696857452745231forgotten long ago...747452635252523241and5233here in a clearing over-7474526352527434grown with moss and ivy96969696745235is your lonely grave...74526352525236413738394041424344Solo45464748495051525253Verse 3at dusk i will make my way747452635252749654along9696the lanes and through the fields857452745255to where my cottage is747452635252525641be-5257fore i step inside for bed i'll747474526352527458look up at the stars as we had9696969674527452597452all those years ago.....6352525260416162636465666768Outro solo6970717273747576so here's for uncle pat277423278279
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