Standard (EADGBE)


Chords used:


Bb--Gm--F--Eb (x2)

Verse 1

Only two more days, until your birthday

Yesterday was mine

You'll be turning five I know what it's like

growing up without your father in your life


So I pretend I'm doing all I can

And I hope someday you'll find it in your heart

To understand Why I'm not around

And forgive me for not being in your life


I remember waiting For you to come

Remember waiting For you to call

Remember waiting there to find nothing at all


(Repeat Intro once)

Verse 2

Maybe someday you really get to know me

not just the letters read to you

I pray I get the chance To make it up to you

We got a lot of catching up to do

(Repeat refrain and chorus)

Do Chorus Chords:

Waiting for you to come (forgive me, I'm so sorry, I will let it up to you)