Standard (EADGBE)


Chords used:


Dm--C--Bb--A x2

x x x x x x x

x x x x x x x

Verse 1

You took me home

I drank too much

Cause of you my

liver turned to dust

Cold rust taste cold

creeping cold pain

Do you understand

what I mean?

When you feel your

soul drop to the floor

Like a hole like an

open bleeding sore

Then you'll have

bled like I've bled


Then you'll have

wept as I've wept


Do Intro for guitar 2

Suck me down it's

time to rock and roll

Let's hit the bar

let's lose control

One false move

you took me home

One false move

you're all alone

Verse 2

But it looks so good

and it feels so nice

I've paid my price

I'll cut you out just

to hear you scream

Get away from get

away from me


And I can feel my

heart beat racing

As I realize

what I must do

Get away from get away

from get away from you


Should've turned

around like hell

Last time I got

a taste of you


I should've turned

and ran like hell

And I say we're through


And I say we're through

Guitar solos

Bb--Dm--Bb--C#-Dm x2 C#-Dm

Guitar 1: Travis Miguel at 2:03

Guitar 2: Dan Jacobs at 2:15, tapping

\0/ \1 \1

Verse 3

Guitars only: Guitar 2 will do the intro riff

You fell upon me like a plague

Weakness sweet weakness

Bass will enter:

But I digress

After all this

You're just like all the rest

(Repeat Chorus)

End on Dm

Duration Legend

W - whole

H - half

Q - quarter

E - 8th

S - 16th

T - 32nd

X - 64th

. - note dotted

|-n-| - n-tuplets

L - tied note

x - dead note

g - grace note

(n) - ghost note

> - accentuded note

NH - natural harmonic

AH - artificial harmonic

TH - tapped harmonic

SH - semi harmonic

PH - pitch harmonic

h - hammer on

p - pull off

b - bend

br - bendRelease

pb - preBend

pbr - preBendRelease

brb - bendReleaseBend

\n/ - tremolo bar dip

\n - tremolo bar dive

-/n - tremolo bar Release up

/n\ - tremolo bar inverted dip

/n - tremolo bar return

-\n - tremolo bar Release down

S - shift slide

s - legato slide

/ - slide into from below or out of upwards

\ - slide into from above or out of downwards

~ - vibrato

W - wide vibrato

tr - trill

TP - tremolo picking

T - tapping

S - slap

P - pop

< - fade in

^ - brush up

v - brush down