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eBGDAE1Intro=65234557442578323455745755Verse1The first time I saw you2345576You were chasing down5787A cyclone2345578All alone in a field5759With rail yards and clovers23455710I kept rolling on57811And never thought23455712You'd wind up chasing me57513Well settle down I won't hesitate102300103014Chorus111233123000220To hit the highway00103031532012Before you lay me to waste34160122031220017Settle up and I'll help you find122002123218Something to drive11233123000220Before you drive me insane001030319320123420012203122002123455722578232345572457525Verse2You're tired of walking and you2345572657Loathe the ground827The sidewalk will barely23455728Touch your feet and life moves5752923Too slowly to hold you down45573057831With rining hands23455732You take it out on me57533Chorus2Well settle down I won't hesitate10230010303411233123000220To hit the highway00103033532012Before you…34…lay me to waste360122031220037Settle up and I'll help you find122002123238Something to drive1123312300022000Before you…10303…drive me insane393201234400122031220041Interlude234557425784323455744570545234557465784723455548Solo57575749575757505757575517full(7)full(7)full5452(4)½5755387½8(7)8(10)87½5754577½7½557½5757½57575655757Chorus3Well settle down I won't hesitate10230010305811233123000220To hit the highway00103035932012Before you lay me to waste34600122031220061Settle up and I'll help you find12200212326211233123000220Something to drive001030363320Before you drive me insane1234640122031220065OutroSo get yourself a car and drive it all night long2345576657867Get yourself a car and ride it on the wind23455768570569So get yourself a car and drive it all night long2345577057871Get yourself a car and ride it on the wind23455572570573So get yourself a car and drive it all night long2345577457875Get yourself a car and ride 23455776it on the wind570577Get yourself a car and ride it on the wind2345577857879Get yourself a car and ride it on the wind2345558057081
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