eBGDAE1=654423456If you're leaving36367close the door6968I'm not ex - pec - ting peo - ple 444646539any more36310Hear me grieving363611lying on the floor66696312whether I'm drunk or dead I444646313re - ally ain't too sure3636314I'm a bli - nd man5356315I'm a bli - nd man5356316and my wor - ld is 6464617pale86818when a blind man cries5356319Lord you know69686820there ain't no sadder 8646821tale682223242526272829303132333435363738Had a friend once363639in a room69640Had a good time but it 44646541ended much too soon6865842In a cold month635643in that room69644we found a reason for the 4444646545things we had to do6865646I'm a bli - nd man6356347I'm a bli - nd man6356348now my ro - om is 6464649cold4650when a blind man cries6356351Lord69696you know6352he feels it in his8646853soul685455565758596061Oohh!!662I'm a bli - nd man6969663I'm a bli - nd man6969664now my ro - om is 13111311965cold119666when a blind man cries6969667Lord you know131613111168he feels it in his 913119669soul9670717273Change tuning (R)