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eBGDAE1Intro=10214244345678910Verse1112131415161718Pre-Chorus1920212223242526ChorusQuit playing games with my heart555555027before you tear us apart555577728Quit playing games with my heart55550752930You know you gotta stop..555505031You're tearin' us apart55557732Quit playing games with my heart555507533I live my life...232034Verse2The way...2035to 236keep you comin'back to me3333300372Everything I do...22320382Is for you..22039So240what is it that you can't see3333320412Sometimes I wish I could...22230042Pre-Chorus2Turn back time...22043Impossible…2…as it may seem...443333320452But I wish I could...2232046202So bad...232470Baby..004802You better...22249Quit playing games with my heart00020350Chorus2Quit playing games with my heart555555051Before you tear us apart555577752Quit playing games with my heart55550755354555505055555577565758Bridge5960616263646566Chorus67686970Nananana.. etc.2303222712303222722303220373274Pre-Chorus7576777879808182Outro ChorusQuit playing games with my heart555555083Before you tear us apart555577784Quit playing games with my heart55550758586You know you gotta stop..555505087You're tearing us apart55557788Quit playing games with my heart55550758990Nananana etc.200022291200022292200022009329420002229520002229697
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