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eBGDAE1IntroEverything Sung An Octave Lower=91442345678249Verse 1I don't need to be a global citizen000000300124410'Cause I'm blessed by nationality20110130011I'm a member of a growin' populace0000003001212We enforce our popularity201101330313There are things that seem to pull us under and0000003033014There are things that drag us down201130015But there's a power and a vital presence, it's00000000010016lurking all around01210172418ChorusWe've got the American Jesus2111331024419See him on the interstate201020320We've got the American Jesus21113310221He helped build the President's estate031031022222324252627Verse 2I feel sorry for the Earth's population0000003001228'Cause so few live in the USA20110130029At least the foreigners can copy our morality0000000330001230They can visit but they cannot stay201101330331Only precious few can garner our prosperity000000300033032It makes us walk with renewed confidence220110130033We've got a place to go when we die, and the0000000100034Architect resides right here0112130352436ChorusWe've got the American Jesus2111331024437Bolstering their ship of faith201020338We've got the American Jesus21113310239Overwhelming millions everyday03103102402241142Bridge434445He's the2046Farmer's barren fields, he's the force the army122022012202yields, the ex20471pression on the faces of the starving millions22022201010048Power of the man, he's the fuel that drives the122022012202Klan, he's the2049motive and the conscience of the murderer12202220100He's the preacher…20…on TV5012202He's the false sincerity2012202He's the form…20…letter that's written5112202by the big computer220101He's the0052Nuclear bombs and the kids with no moms and I'm122022012222053fearful that he's inside me-ee-ee-ee-122021531054ee Yeah!152455Chorus/OutroWe've got the American Jesus2111331024456See him on the interstate201020357We've got the American Jesus21113310258Exercising his authority-y000000010059We've got the American Jesus21113310260Bolstering their ship of faith201020361We've got the American Jesus21113310262Overwhelming millions every5310310263day2Yeah!564656667686970717273747576Change tuning (R)
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