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gDAE1=120Warm Ups:XXXX442Start Out SlowlyXXXXXXXX3Then Get Faster As You Move OnXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX4Etc, Etc...XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX56Now Try the A Major Scale5X7X4X5X77Use A Muted G Pop Between Each FunctionX4X6X7X7X68X4X7X5X4X7X95X10Now Try Adding A Wrist MuteXXXX11XXXSee The Information For More DetailsXXXXX12XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX13XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX14Now……Add Some Hammer-Ons15XX57XX5Alternate The Strings To Increase Your Slapping 716XX57XX57XX57Accuracy.XX5717Increase Your Speed As You Move OnXX57XX57XX57XX57XX57XX57XX57XX5718Here's……A Root-Fifth Shape.19XX3XX320Increase Your Speed As You Move OnXX3XX3XX3XX321XX3XX3XX3XX322XX3XX3XX3XX3XX3XX3XX3XX3XX3XX323You……Can Also Insert Variations24XX3XX3XX3XX325XTo Make Up Country-ish RiffsX3XX3XX3XX326023XX3XX3XX275XX3XX5XX32829Here's An Example Of A Bass Line00X44530Incorporating This Technique.5XX3XX2
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