eBGDAE1Intro=135442Yes, yes you're gonna000003lose that girl0224Yes, yes you're gonna000005lose that girl0446Verse 178She's gonna0009change her mind044101112I'm gonna00013treat her kind04414ChorusYes, yes you're gonna0000015lose that girl02216Yes, yes you're gonna0000017lose that girl04418Verse 21920You're gonna00021find her gone044222324You're not00025the only one04426ChorusYes, yes you're gonna0000027lose that girl02228Yes, yes you're gonna0000029lose that girl04430Yes, yes you're gonna0000031lose that girl22232BridgeI'll make a point of1313333taking her away from you030300334watch what you do33033536The way you treat her1313337what else can I do?555513839Guitar Solo4041You're gonna00042lose that girl044434445You're gonna00046lose that girl04447ChorusYes, yes you're gonna0000048lose that girl02249Yes, yes you're gonna0000050lose that girl04451Yes, yes you're gonna0000052lose that girl22253BridgeI'll make a point of1313354taking her away from you030300355watch what you do33035657The way you treat her1313358what else can I do?555515960Verse 36162She's gonna00063change her mind044646566I'm gonna00067treat her kind04468ChorusYes, yes you're gonna0000069lose that girl02270Yes, yes you're gonna0000071lose that girl04472Yes, yes you're gonna0000073lose2that574girl547576Change tuning (R)