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dAFCGDP. M.1Intro=120442=15022030131014ChorusA P O220220P A N T O S331331P. M.5K A K O D A I M O N O S220220013101336079081033P. M.707901310138079081233P. M.9079013101310079081033P. M.11079013101312079081233P. M.13079013101314Verse 1=1200We transgress00100 the context970 of …8…commonplaceness157070107916 We deny normality,000100970017 trample00000 morality00000018 We destroy Angels000100970 with …8… sound197070107920 We destroy Angels000100970 with …0…S I L E N C E2100000000097022Chorus=15022023220013101P. M.24A P O220220P A N T O S33133125K A K O D A I M O N O S22022001310133P. M.26079081033270790131013P. M.28079081233290790131013P. M.30079081033310790131013P. M.320790812333307901310Currents of tantric anarchy1334Verse 2=120220 seize…553…our bodies35220 into a cosmic dance5533622055337 of four scythes.220 Curtains of absurd theater5533822055339220 are raised.55333140Synchronicity22055341Mother Chaos on stage.2205533314222055343220553 Wisdom says: "Be strong!"3314422055345Thrilling words are spreading down the spine220553 Vibrating: Be strong!33146220553…Exhausted I`m running towards4722055333148The last shrines of conciousness220 Which is absorbed by shadows of5534922055333150MADNESS!220220220220220202020202051979797972020202020521081081081082020202020535533154Chorus220220A P O22022022020202020205597P A N T O S979797202020202056108K A K O108108108202020202057D A I M O N O S5533158220220220220220202020202059979797972020202020601081081081082020202020615533162220220A P O22022022020202020206397P A N T O S979797202020202064108K A K O108108108202020202065D A I M O N O S5533166BridgeHere are the Star and the Snake-Servants202020202031313167They rise the Heksagram202020202031313168Sun! In the triangle hidden202020202031313169Sight - Sacred Visions entwined20202020203131202070In union20202020203131 with3171Nothingness202020202031313172Body2020202020I31 will313173find!20202020203131202074Strengh!202020202020Go along the2020202075Mars path!20202020202020Fighting if we202020…must.7620202020Light!202020Oh!2020You are2077Ahathor,20202020220 godess of Blue skies22022022022022078Chorus220A P O22022022022020202020207997P A N T O S979797202020202080108K A K O108108108202020202081D A I M O N O S5533182Coda20 There is might of……dawn!83220553 In non-quality33184 state I remain22055385 of commonness220553 ..Glass! You don`t see again!3318622055387 Sigillum Dei!220553 Picture of myself I`m drawing3318822055389 with life, venom...22055333190I`m sprinkling it=150079081033P. M.91079013101392 His name is Esial!079081233P. M.93079013101394079081033P. M.95079013101396079 I want him more!081233P. M.97079013101398Outro=9599100101102103Track can be converted to a standard tuning (R)
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