Ben Harper - Blessed To Be A Witness Text Guitar Tab

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Blessed To Be A Witness – Ben Harper
On the album (diamonds on the inside) Ben Harper plays this song on a Thiele Tongue drum 
box marimba sounding thing).
Here is the guitar arrangement for the song. I would probably pluck or finger-pick the 
to keep the rhythm of the tongue drums.

btw - if you were wandering what corcovado is: it is the mountain in rio de janerio that 
massive statue of Jesus Christ is on.

Capo on 2nd fret

Verse One

F                                  C
Corcovado parted the sky
                G                 Am
And through the darkness on us he shined
F                  C
Crucified in stone
G                               Am
Still his blood is my own
F                     C
Glory behold all my eyes
Have seen, have seen

     F             Am
I am blessed, I am blessed  (x2)
 G          F          C
I am blessed to be a witness

This is the riff they do on the tongue bell drums at the end of the chorus (play during 
bar in which they play C)


The chords are the same throughout the rest of the song, in the instrumental part just 
the verse’s chord progression.

Heres the rest of the lyrics….

Some have flown away
And can't be with us here today
Like the hills of my home
Some have crumbled and now are gone
Gather around for today
Won't come again
Won't come again
I am blessed to be a witness
So much sorrow and pain
But still I will not live in vain
Like a question never asked
Is wisdom wasted on the past
Only by the grace of God
Go I
Go I
I am blessed to be a witness….