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eBGDAE13=78When it77442rained five1210days and the1212133skies turned dark as night1210129-94-5//When it776rained five1210days and the1212137skies turned dark as night121089-9let ring8-49//and trou -5610bles takin'place&You Know e -77778588let ring11very - thing875ain't right551213//( I ) woke up (x6)7714this mor - ning, 1210wouldn't e -12121315ven get out my door1210129-916-17//Woke up7718this mor - ning, 1210wouldn't e -12121319ven get out my door121089-920-4let ringlet ring21//and trou -56221bles takin'place&You Know e -7777858823very - thing875ain't right552425//( I ) woke up (x6)77262& there ain't no place for a poor7777858827old girl875to5go528Change tuning (R)
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