Beth Hirsch - Life Is Mine Chords

No chord
Standard guitar tuning:
No capo
   1     2           3             4
1: The blues in your eyes Takes me to a time There was no precision No decision or love But if you take a chance Catch this glance of mine Because maybe baby You're what I'm thinking of 2: To you I pose a question Say no I go my way It's more like how we're destined And how I see you 3: Life is mine Life is mine Life is mine 1: New skies will open Once my head is clear We move to grow and learn to know What the world was always supposed to hear 2: For midnight will fall rain To pour down beads of promise And wash away the pain So sleep in, sleep in calmness 3: Life is mine Life is mine Life is mine 4: It says I lived a little more For my age, I get a score

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