Standard (EADGBE)


one too many dockside kisses

too few ships coming in

make a threat into a promise

make her start where you begin



^ Cmaj7v Cmaj7v

how you love how you love to watch them burn

how you love how you love to watch them burn

cigarette girls

forgotten faces lipstick traces

who needs friends when you've got eyes

broken homes from crooked houses

crocodile tears and alligator smiles




I've been watching I've been seeing how's it done

it's an ugly ugly world where everybody loves a cigarette girl


pick around verse chords]

it breaks my heart to hear them talking

they say I hope I live before I get old

all that sadness all of it man-made

all that glitter that isn't gold


xx0232 -

xx0235 -

xx0233 -

022000 - Em

022030 - Em7

022033 - Em7+10 (ok its just another Em7)

x32010 - C^ (heavy on the hi strings)

x32000 - Cmaj7v (heavy on the bass strings)

Any improvements etc. welcome.