d#A#F#C#G#D#1intro=1384423456789101112131415161718verse 1you wanna pick somethin' up222422419you gotta lay it down22244220you wanna turn somethin' on222422421you gotta set it off22244222you wanna let something in222422423you gotta tear it out22244224I wanna feel the sun22234225I just need some air223442627282930verse 2the only word that you know333433431is2please3please3please432the only life that you see333433433is from your knees233434I wanna feel the light22234235I just can't re- ceive2233436 don't wanna leave the ground22234237I just need some air2234438pre-chorus 139I need some air23444041424344chorus 1it's just a love, that you00030045can't get back o ho ho30330346it's just a tale, of a heart000300473attack o ho ho0330348you feel a- live, but you're00030049sinking fast o ho ho30330350just close your eyes, this won't00030051be your last o ho ho30330352break 1 5354555657585960verse 3you wanna lift somethin' up222422461you gotta pin it down22244262you wanna pull somethin' in222422463you gotta let it out22244264you wanna light something up222422465you gotta burn it down22244266I wanna feel the sun22234267I just need some air223446869707172verse 4the only word that you know333433473is2please3please3please474the only life that you see333433475is from your knees233476I wanna feel the light22234277I just can't re- ceive2233478 don't wanna leave the ground22234279I just need some air2234480pre-chorus 281I need some air23448283848586chorus 2it's just a love, that you00030087can't get back o ho ho30330388it's just a tale, of a heart000300893attack o ho ho0330390you feel a- live, but you're00030091sinking fast o ho ho30330392just close your eyes, this won't00030093be your last o ho ho30330394break 295969798verse 5you wanna pick somethin' up222422499you gotta lay it down222442100you wanna turn somethin' on2224224101you gotta set it off222442102you wanna light something up2224224103you gotta burn it down222442104I wanna feel the sun222342105I just need some air22344106pre-chorus 3107I need some air2344108109I need some air2344110111I need some air2344112113114115116117118119120121122chorus 3it's just a love, that you000300123can't get back o ho ho303303124it's just a tale, of a heart0003001253attack o ho ho03303126you feel a- live, but you're000300127sinking fast o ho ho303303128just close your eyes, this won't000300129be your last o ho ho303303130outro it's not a prayer, you re- peat33353001313at night o ho ho03030132it's not the saint, that has seen33353001333the light o ho ho03030134it's just the breath, that you hold33353001353inside o ho ho03030136just keep your cool, it will be33353001373alright o ho ho03030138