eBGDAE1intro=86442345678I've been here…2…before9verse 13333I know2310this shade of blue322311it's you3212I've felt your touch213333before2314I know your way322315a ghostlike sense of state2163322317you're gone321819so it seems 333you know me,23203I will wait22321for you2322I do3223pre-chorus 12425262728293031chorus 1I don't care if you3333132can take it11133I can't take it111134any- more I'll die0000235I don't mind if you3333136can take it11137I can't take it111138any- more I'll die000023940414243verse 2slowly I re- live3332344a bett- er past322345a time I…2… thought I knew463322347I blew 324849now I'm pat- ient3332now350I know I 'll last 322351I'll last3252I've always known253333my heart's been held by you2354322355pre-chorus 25657I've always known it's true 258332235960616263chorus 2I don't care if you3333164can take it11165I can't take it111166any- more I'll die0000267I don't mind if you3333168can take it11169I can't take it111170any- more I'll die00002717273747576777879chorus 3I don't care if you3333180can take it11181I can't take it111182any- more I'll die0000283I don't mind if you3333184can take it11185I can't take it111186any- more I'll die0000287=70888990919293Change tuning (R)