d#A#F#C#G#D#1=754423456In the misty morning5558857on the edge of time555858we've lost the rising sun558558a59a final sign6568510as the misty morning55588511rolls away to die55585rea -512ching for the stars we blind the558555813sky5656565656565651458155161718We sailed across the air557875be -819fore we learned to fly5558520we thought that it could never557875821end522We'd glide above the ground557875be -823fore we learned to run, run55585524now it seems our wolrd has come undone5557875852526Oh they say557that it's5427over5728and it just557had to 5729be58530Oh they say557that it's5731over585full732We're lost children5577of the5433sea5434uuh7ooh73554736373839We made the mountains shake with557875840laughter as we played5558541hiding in our corner of the5557875842world543Then we did the demon dance and5557875844rushed to nevermore5558545threw away the key and locked the555787108746door8547Oh they say557that it's5448over5749and it just557had to 5750be58551Oh they say557that it's5752over585full753We're lost children5577of the5454sea5455ooh757645644575859606162636465666768697071727374In the misty morning55588575on the edge of time5558576we've lost the rising sun558558a577a final sign6568578as the misty morning55588579rolls away to die55585rea -580ching for the stars we blind the5585558581sky82Oh they say557that it's5483over5784and it just557had to 5685be586Oh they say557that it's5787over5858588for lost children5577of the5489sea5490yeah791Look out!55The792sky is falling down!8758593Look out!55The794world is spinning round and round and round87588758595Look out!55The796sun is going black, black87585597Look out!55It's798never never never coming back87588758599Look out!55Change tuning (R)