d#A#F#C#G#D#1=804423456789Fell in love with a coun - try girl.7775755710Morn - in' sun - shine.475911She was up from a neth - er world_777575575712just to bust an - other soul._474759713 Her eyes were an end-less flame.7757557Un - ho - ly la - dy714475915 De - sire wore a spe - cial name,775755716made to snatch your soul a-way._474759717Yeah.71819202122We523sailed a-way_ on a crim - son tide7775755724Down the riv - er.475925Left my heart on the oth - er side,7775755726all to break it in - to bits._474757427Her smile was a win- ter song,775755728a Sab - bath end - ing4754757729 Don't sleep or you'll find me gone,775755730just an im - age in the47475931air.7full32Oh.7full333435 In dreams I think of7457736you.537I don't know what to 7457438do with my - self. _597739Time has left me 457440down.5 She brings7941bro - ken dreams,_597fall - ing stars,_597the742end-less search_597for where you are,_775443So wrong,_597544so wrong,_5945so wrong,_5975465so wrong._447Guitar Solo484950Now I_5751Fell in love with a coun - try girl.7775755752Morn - in' sun - shine.475953She was up from a neth - er world_777575575754just to bust an - other soul._474759755 Her eyes were an end-less flame.7757557Un - ho - ly la - dy756475957 De - sire wore a spe - cial name,775755758made to snatch your soul a-way._474759759Yeah.760Don't961sail a -way777on a crim - son tide.5755762Don't963leave your heart_775on the oth-er side.__557547546465She rides_77on an end - less flame._575575756667De-sire_77wan-na75scratch your name_54468Don't ev-er fall in4447569love.470Don't give your475heart a - way._544771Don't ev-er,444nev-er fall in447572love_47with a 77country girl_47573747576777879808182