eBGDAE1The is a revision of the already existing tab that can be played in standard tuning with a capo on the 2nd fret. Things get a little funny towards the end but it's better than re-tuning a floyd rose.=1454423456789you see right through..you see right through13131313910distorted eyes11913you know you have to learn1311911916131213the execution of your mind1313131391411913you really have to turn1311915916131617the race is run13131313the book is read91811913the end begins to show1311919916132021the truth is out13131313the lies are…9…old2211913but you don't want to know1311923916132425nobody will ever let you knownobody will ever let you know999269962796662829when you ask the reason why99930996319763233they just tell you that your on your own999349973598936937fill your head all full of lies10109387979939784069414243444546474849the people who have crippled you1313131395011913you want to see them burn1311951916135253the gates of life have closed on you1313131395411913and theres just no…13119…return55916135657your wishing that13131313the hands of…9…doom5811913could take your mind away1311959916136061and you dont care13131313if you dont see again the light of day962119131311963916136465nobody will ever let you know999669966796666869when you ask the reason why99970996719767273they just tell you that your on your own999749977598976977fill your head all full of lies101097879799797880698182you bastards!97983solo84858687888990919293949596979899100101102103104105106107108109110111112where can you run to?9113where can you run to?999971149115what more can you do?99713131169117no more tomorrow997971189119life is killing you99713131209121dreams turn to nightmares997971229123heaven turns to hell9979912499125burnt out confusion997971269127nothing more to tell99799128yeah9129130131132133134135136137138139140everything around you9141999971429143whats it coming to?99713131449145God knows as your dog knows997971469147bog blast all of you99713131489149sabbath, bloody sabbath997971509151nothing more to do9979915299153living just for dying997971549155dying just for you99799156yeah9157158159160161162163164165166167168169170171172173174175176177178Change tuning (R)