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eBGDAE1=6844234567Turn your head and see the fields of810575481057548105754810510578flames81059He carries along22355from a7810distant place he's on his way He'll757555331111bring decay055In shades of grey We're1221223455012doomed to face the night Light's out of53331135110013sight00141516Since we've51251217reached the point of no return We pray for51251251265354232055251515118starlight we wait for the moon The sky is5112121212341212818110319empty alone in the unknown We're getting125125125125103103818182858520nowhere8552We81021have been betrayed by the wind and the rain1255125512551034812730852734855512The81033322sacred hall's empty and cold1255125512551034812730852The803323sacrifice made should not be done in vain Re-125512551255103481273085273485551281033324venge will be taken by rome1255125512551034812103012523325We live a lie3253103226under the dying moon35132227pale-faced laughs doom3253103228indulges in delight35686529It's getting out of hand5525575566555530The final curtain will552556556356160631fall32Hear my8851111832voice10107There is no101078851111833choice10107There's no way101078851111834out10107You'll find8851111835out We don't regret it101075353536453So many men have failed but5353536453311336now he's gone Go out and get it5263305353536453The madman's head it8858858858851111837shall be thyne We don't regret it1111811118111075353536453That someone else was535353645338hidden in disguise Go out and get it31135263305353536453O-88539rion's hound shines bright88510108885562101181110101098966540552414243Don't you think it's time to stop556555844the chase around the ring Just stop running55588511118101075252635245running round the ring85528851111810107 Don't you know that fate has been556555846decided by the gods Feel the distance55588511118101075252635247distance out of reach855281151111810107484950515253Welcome to the end3235354Watch your step, cassandra65865355you may fall30133553356As i've stumbled on the35272357field0fullSister mine2325859Death's a certain thing2323260And the other world30277The261other world appears2551315326231053263Find myself she565364dies in vain533565I Cannot be freed I'm111191166falling down6441167As time runs faster moves35653368towards disaster The ferryman will56533166369wait for you my dear344644And then there was99699688566370silence88511Just a voice from the996996119699699671other world865663865Like a leaf in an i-86588589568346189572cy world683461Memories will 66188389586573fade688565Misty ta-16338538574les and poems lost1631633855107963All the bliss11631163116375and beauty will be94194162311full1181111876gone Will my weary soul find release11full11846168389589589589589689577for a while at the moment of death i will smile68346168346168389568346168346134046178It's the triumph of shame and di-468886479sease6In68880the end885565Raise my hands56686881and praise the day Break the spell56688109696696696682show me the way845845663810568356283In decay8658658664284The flame of troy will34334334034364385shine bright956855The newborn32323286child will carry ruin to the636363635132321287hall33The newborn's32323288death would be a blessing to us636363635132321289all33Good choice?523290Bad choice?1200Out of three you've5210785303091chosen misery52135525521362921250103393922Power and30525294wisdom you deny6352301313Bad choiceX0XX0X95Bad choiceX0XX0XWar is the13335556796only answer when love will6885673551331313313397coquer fear So the judgement's been1323320323331233133598made35To the fairest the330212301299graceful says335533Bad-10107100ly he fails885330552101Fear the heat of8full81010102passion, father king103365103desire, lust, ob-38full10108104session Death they'll bring63313105She's like the123123123106sunrise002123Outshines the123123123107moon at night856330Precious like525285108starlight8full585She'll bring in a562562562562109murderous price85510678851067110111Jealousy106712891067112I can clearly see the end now3063523085633557113I can clearly see the end now10671310101289106715111213101012891067The thread of1010710107885114life is spun1010710621062The coin's been335115placed below my tongue65310Never give up Never give10875108751087510875108751087510875333116in Be on our side so we can win108751087510875121097131110812109710875976410875Never give up Never give108751087510875108751087510875108753333333117in10875Be on our side6353333631323118119Nowhere to run Nowhere to85858585875875875333120hide Nothing to lose Like one we'll stand8758758751097111081097875764875We'll face the6876875673333121storm created by a man68756768781078full85567567122123And as the335335512124lion slaughters man633633633512335I am the335335512125wolf and you're the lamb633633855855633512126127Nowhere to run Nowhere to10875108751087510875108751087510875333128hide Nothing to lose Like one we'll stand108751087510875121097131110812109710875976410875It's all for108781087886573333129one and one for all we 10878865710878111087878565130live for will be68710111213111012109131wiped out1087633132133I feel that something's3533326533134wrong85135Full moon your time goes by And77775530557730136new moon's still kept out of sight89775534123455137Misty tales and poems5636856855635636858107138lost963All the bliss and beauty116311631163941941613139will be gone 11full1181111811full118Will my461683140weary soul find release for a while at the mo-895895895895896895683461683461683895141ment of death i will smile683461683461340461It's the46142triumph of shame and disease888646143In the688885144end565Raise my hands and praise the day566868566881096145Break the spell show me the966966966845845663146way8105683562In de-865865147cay86642The343148flame of troy will shine bright343340343643956855149150151152153154155156157Roam in darkness13131313158Roam in darkness13131313159Roam in darkness13131313160Roam in darkness13131313161Roam in darkness13131313162Roam in darkness13131313163Troy in Darkness1421That they've22164gone away212And won't come216165back6They'll4166tear down the wall to bring it in43166468They'll8167truly believe in the lie9868646168Lie,13131010169Lie13131010With8170blossoms they'll welcome the old9868646171foe8The vision's so89101091112118910106888172clear891010When6688173day and dream unite the end is89101089101068886888911108911108891066885174near89103you better be pre-8888889810111011888175110pared=10491010176The nightmare shall be o-8451996699669116891361091168177ver now there's nothing more to fear996698659461895689569116889566835178179Come join in our sing-895691168911689116891168180ing and dance with us9116891168895668356835181now4613182The nightmare shall be o-8451996699669116891361091168183ver now there's nothing more to fear996698659461895689569116889566835184185The war it is o-895691168911689116891168186ver forever91168911688956683518770more No hope The blind leads the blind=68910104886434188Carry on Though future's denied44888633189Mare or stallion There's far more inside448881196864190We are in at the kill We'll cheerfully 895895895895683683683341683191die865Misty tales and poems5636856855635636858107192lost963All the bliss and beauty116311631163941941613193will be gone 11full1181111811full118Will my461683194weary soul find release for a while at the mo-895895895895896895683461683461683895195ment of death i will smile683461683461340461It's the46196triumph of shame and disease888646197In the688885198end565Raise my hands and praise the day566868566881096199Break the spell show me the966966966845845663200way8105683562In de-865865201cay86642The343202flame of troy will shine bright343340343643956855203204Holy light shines 688891091112688205on8910206207So the judgement's been made468644208We're condemned though the trial's far ahead4686498643209The crack of doom8958958116895father8959116210Your handsome son is heading895161113139101188139101511121188211home139101188865212...distant11492213shore81Heading81188214home96...distant 11492215shore81216...distant11492217shore Out of mind81895895895Can't get it683683340218Out of mind Can't get it113113113431431214219Out of mind895895895Can't get it683683340220Out of mind Can't get it113113113431431214221Sorrow and de-46546534343222feat111223Sorrow and de-46546534343224feat1112252262272282292302312322332342352362372382392402412422432442451 Add comment2 Add comment3 Add comment4 Add comment5 Add comment6 Add comment7 Add comment8 Add comment9 Add comment10 Add comment11 Add comment12 Add comment13 Add comment14 Add comment15 Add comment16 Add comment17 Add comment18 Add comment19 Add comment20 Add comment21 Add comment22 Add comment23 Add comment24 Add comment25 Add comment26 Add comment27 Add comment28 Add comment29 Add comment30 Add comment31 Add comment32 Add comment33 Add comment34 Add comment35 Add comment36 Add comment37 Add comment38 Add comment39 Add comment40 Add comment41 Add comment42 Add comment43 Add comment44 Add comment45 Add comment46 Add comment47 Add comment48 Add comment49 Add comment50 Add 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