Standard (EADGBE)


No sign of life did flicker

In floods of tears she cried

"All hope's lost it can't be undone

They're wasted and gone"

"Save me your speeches

I know (They blinded us all)

What you want

You will take it away from me

Take it and I know for sure

The light she once brought in

Is gone forevermore"

Like sorrowful seagulls they sang

"(We're) lost in the deep shades

The misty cloud brought

(A wailing when beauty was gone

Come take a look at the sky)

Monstrous it covered the shore

Fearful into the unknown"

Quietly it crept in new horror

Insanity reigned

It spilled the first blood

When the old king was slain


Quietly it crept in and changed us all


Quietly it crept in and changed us all


Immortal land lies down in agony

"How long shall we

Mourn in the dark

the bliss and the beauty

Will not return

Say farewell to sadness and grief

Though long and hard the road may be"

But even in silence I heard the words |Well, this is how I play it.

"An oath we shall swear

By the name of the one

'til the world's end

(It can't be broken

Just wondering how

I can still hear these voices inside)

The doom of the Noldor drew near"

B |This part is tricky as hell. This

The words of a banished king |is how I play it though. Far from

|perfect. Anyone got better idea?

"I swear revenge"

Filled with anger aflamed our hearts

Full of hate full of pride

We screamed for revenge


"Vala he is that's what you said

Then your oath's been sworn in vain

(freely you came and

You freely shall depart)

Never trust the northern winds

Never turn your back on friends"

"Oh I'm heir of the high lord!"

"You better don't trust him"

The enemy of mine

Isn't he of your kind and

Finally you may follow me

Farewell he said


Back to where it all began

Back to where it all began