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eBGDAE1=15844234567891011121314I've been here 02415before 2216a few times2417018And I'm quite 02419aware 4220we're dying0221022And your hands 02423they shake 5242with good-2425-byes026And I'll take 02427you back 4282if you'd have me 23229030So 731here 4I am 7324I'm trying4733434So here 7354I am 7364are you ready44737438Come on let me hold you 0002394240touch you 4241feel you4242Always5(2)043Kiss you 4244taste you 4245all night 4246Always5(2)04748495051525354And I'll miss 02455your laugh 4562your smile0457058I'll admit 02459I'm 460wrong 2if you'd tell me23261062I'm so sick 02463of fights 4642I hate them0465066Lets start this 02467again 4682for real3269070So 771here 4I am 7724I'm trying4773474So here 7754I am 7764are you ready44777478So here 7794I am 5802I'm trying2481082So here I am 78345284are you ready20785486Come on let me hold you 0002874288touch you 4289feel you4290Always5(2)091Kiss you 4292taste you 4293all night 4294Always5(2)0(Come on let me )444695hold you 4296touch you 4297feel you4298Always5(2)099Kiss you 42100taste you 42101all night 42102Always5(2)0103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118I've been here 246119before 64120a few 46121times2122And I'm quite 246123aware 64124we're dying241252126127Come on let me 0202128hold you 42129touch you 42130feel you42131Always5(2)0132Kiss you 42133taste you 42134all night 42135Always5(2)0(Come on let me )4446136hold you 42137touch you 42138feel you42139Always5(2)0140Kiss you 42141taste you 42142all night 42143Always5(2)0144145146147148149150151152153154155156157158159160161162163164Change tuning (R)
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