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eBGDAE1Intro=1804423456789VerseAre we all victims of opportunity555565105556511Locked outside the door, back in '8355565125556513Heard the angry voice from the man inside55565145556515Saw the look of fear in my mother's…55565…eyes165757517Chorus1819I dont wanna know, I dont wanna go57565205757521Re-Intro2223242526272829VerseMom get in the car and we'll drive away55565307556531She said im sorry mark, but theres…555565…nowhere to stay3255556533give up all your hope and come back inside55565345556535with a broken heart, and the engine died55565365757537Chorus3839I dont wanna know, I dont wanna go57565405757541Bridge4243444546474849Bass InterludeWhy do evil men get away with it55565507556551Cant you see that im in a world of shit75565525556553give up all your hope and come back inside55565545556555with a broken heart and then the engine died55565565757557i dont wanna know5756558i dont wanna know5756559i dont wanna know5756560i dont wanna know5756561Chorusi dont wanna know5757562i dont wanna know5757563i dont wanna know5757564i dont wanna go5757565Outro666768697071727374757677787980818283Change tuning (R)
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