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eBGDAE1=115442345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334Where are you 119357and I'm so sorry73691197I 937cannot sleep 9117I cannot dream tonight991197938I need somebody and always9911911113997This…9…sick strange darkness 4091197Comes 941creeping on so haunting every time911999111111429And as I stared I counted 9911911439744Webs from all the spiders9119119745Catching things and eating their insides91179111197946Like indecision to call you9911911119477and hear your voice of treason114891191197Will 949you come home and stop this pain tonight9117991197950Stop this pain tonight911971251Don't waste your time on me14111411141152 you're already 14111411The 1153voice inside my head 1214121175455Don't waste your time on me14111411141156 you're already 14111411The 1157voice inside my head 121412117585960616263646566676869Don't waste your time on me14111411141170 you're already 14111411The 1171voice inside my head 1214121177273Don't waste your time on me14111411141174 you're already 14111411The 1175voice inside my head 1214121177677Don't waste your time on me14111411141178 you're already 14111411The 1179voice inside my head 1214121178081Don't waste your time on me14111411141182 you're already 14111411The 1183voice inside my head 12141211784858687888990919293949596979899100101102103104
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