Standard (EADGBE)


Chords used:


E--B--C#m--A-- x2

Verse 1

You and I should get

away for awhile

I just want to be

alone with your smile

Buy some candy and cigarettes

and we'll get in my car

We'll blast the stereo and

we'll drive to Madagascar


Because when I'm with you

there's nothing I wouldn't do

I just want to be your only one

I'm grasping out at straws

thinking back to what I saw

That night on the floor

when we were all alone

(Repeat Intro)

Verse 2

My love life was getting so bland

There are only so many ways

I can make love with my hand

Sometimes it makes me want to

laugh Sometimes I want to

take my toaster in the bath

(Repeat Chorus)


E--B--C#m--A-- x4


Who's gonna be the odd man out?

I dont wanna to be the odd man out

Is this going to be the end

Or are you going to be

My new girlfriend?