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eBGDAE1=102682A3E4D5E6A Verse Darlin', darlin',25257darling, I 2558D can`t wait to3339E see you, Your53310C#m picture ain`t232311enough - I2212B can't wait to00013E touch you - in the202014A flesh215E16D171E182E Went219(:58) C#m walkin one200220day on the20221G#m lower East201222side023F# Met you with a200224girl friend2025A You were so225526G#m divine - She said44427C#m hands off this one200228sweetie2029G#m This boy is241230mine - I4231F# couldn't re200232sist you, I'm not202233A deaf, dumb and22234Bm blind04235A036E37D38E39A Verse Darlin', darlin',252540darling, now25541D you`re out of33342E town - Those5343C#m girls that you222544run with - they52245B bring my head444246E down - Ooh442447A Darlin,2548darlin, watch25549D out - if I33550E see you - cause if535551C#m you say hello222552C#m It`ll24253B mean you wanna444454E see me - in the242455A flesh256E Ooh,457D warm and23558E soft, in the224259A flesh260E Ooh,461D close and23562E hot in the224263A flesh264E Ooh,465D266E67A68Change tuning (R)