eBGDAE1=102682A143E124D105E126A Verse Darlin', darlin',7darling, I 8D can`t wait to9E see you, Your10C#m picture ain`t11enough - I12B can't wait to13E touch you - in the14A flesh15E1416D1214171E182E Went19(:58) C#m walkin one20day on the21G#m lower East22side23F# Met you with a24girl friend25A You were so26G#m divine - She said27C#m hands off this one14121428sweetie14121429G#m This boy is30mine - I31F# couldn't re32sist you, I'm not33A deaf, dumb and34Bm blind35A36E37D38E39A Verse Darlin', darlin',40darling, now41D you`re out of42E town - Those43C#m girls that you44run with - they45B bring my head46E down - Ooh47A Darlin,48darlin, watch49D out - if I50E see you - cause if51C#m you say hello52C#m It`ll53B mean you wanna54E see me - in the55A flesh56E Ooh,57D warm and58E soft, in the59A flesh60E Ooh,61D close and62E hot in the63A flesh64E Ooh,65D66E67A68Change tuning (R)