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1I saw you standing on the corner=130442you looked so big and fine3I really wanted to go4out with you - so when you smiled5I laid my heart on the line6=1607E89A10B11E You read me my rightstata12 and then youtata13A said - Let'stata14B go - and nothing moretata15E I thoughts of my nightstata16and how theytata17A weretata18B they were filled withtata19A I know you20wouldn't go - you'd watch my21B heart burst - then22you'd step in23G# I had to know24 so I25A asked26you just had to laugh27E28291B30312B3233(1:26) C# Walking the line34you were the marksman B35A told me that law like36wine is ageless - the37F# public de38B fender39C#m/B B40C# you had41to admit - you B42A wanted the 43love of a44F#m sex - of45B fender46C#m B Gtr Solo47(1:48) E Ooh4849G#m Ooh5051A5253B54Atatatatatatatata55A (2:00) I know youtata56wouldn't go - you'd watch mytata57B heart burst, thentata58you'd step intata59G# I had to know60 so I asked61A62you just had to laugh636465B66676869(2:23) E My vision in bluetata70 I call youtata71A from intata72B side my tata73E cell - and in the trialtata74you were theretata75A with yourtata76B badge and rubber bootstata77E I think all the time78how I'm goin'79A to80B perpetrate love with you81E and when I get out82there's no doubt83A I'll be84B sex offensive to85E you86Ooh87A88B89E9091A92B93E9495A96B fade out97