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1I saw you standing on the corner=130BDLTSBDLTLTBDLTSBDLTSBD442you looked so big and fineBDLTSBDLTLTBDLTSBDLTSBD3I really wanted to goBDLTSBDLTLTBDLTSBDLTSBD4out with you - so when you smiledBDLTSBDLTLTBDLTSBDLTSBD5I laid my heart on the line6=160SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS7EBDSBDS8BDSBDS9ABDSBDS10BBDSBDS11E You read me my rightsBDSBDS12 and then youBDSBDS13A said - Let'sBDSBDS14B go - and nothing moreBDSBDS15E I thoughts of my nightsBDSBDS16and how theyBDSBDS17A wereBDSBDS18B they were filled withBDSBDS19A I know youBDSBDS20wouldn't go - you'd watch myBDSBDS21B heart burst - thenBDSBDS22you'd step inBDSBDS23G# I had to knowBDSBDS24 so IBDSBDS25A askedBDSBDS26you just had to laughBDSBDS27EBDSBDS28BDSBDS291BBDSBDS30BDSBDS312BBDSBDS32BDSBDS33(1:26) C# Walking the lineBDSBDS34you were the marksman BBDSBDS35A told me that law likeBDSBDS36wine is ageless - theBDSBDS37F# public deBDSBDS38B fenderBDSBDS39C#m/B BBDSBDS40C# you hadBDSBDS41to admit - you BBDSBDS42A wanted the BDSBDS43love of aBDSBDS44F#m sex - ofBDSBDS45B fenderBDSBDS46C#m B Gtr SoloBDSBDS47(1:48) E OohBDSBDS48BDSBDS49G#m OohBDSBDS50BDSBDS51ABDSBDS52BDSBDS53BBDSBDS54ABDSBDS55A (2:00) I know youSBDSBD56wouldn't go - you'd watch mySBDSBD57B heart burst, thenSBDSBD58you'd step inSBDSBDSSSS59G# I had to knowBDSBDS60 so I askedBDSBDS61ABDSBDS62you just had to laughBDSSSBDSSSBDSSSS63BDSBDS64BDSBDS65BBDSBDSSSS66BDSBDSSSS67BDSBDSSSS68BDSSSBDSSSBDSSSS69(2:23) E My vision in blueBDSBDS70 I call youBDSBDS71A from inBDSBDS72B side my BDSBDS73E cell - and in the trialBDSBDS74you were thereBDSBDS75A with yourBDSBDS76B badge and rubber bootsBDSBDS77E I think all the timeBDSBDS78how I'm goin'BDSBDS79A toBDSBDS80B perpetrate love with youBDSBDS81E and when I get outBDSBDS82there's no doubtBDSBDS83A I'll beBDSBDS84B sex offensive toBDSSSBDSSSBDSSSBDSSS85E youBDSBDS86OohBDSBDS87ABDSBDS88BBDSSSBDSSSSBDSSSS89EBDSBDS90BDSBDS91ABDSBDS92BBDSSSBDSSSSBDSSSS93EBDSBDS94BDSBDS95ABDSBDS96B fade outBDSSSBDSSSSBDSSSS97SBD
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