Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper Text Guitar Tab

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Don't Fear The Reaper
Blue Oyster Cult

(Someone suggested playing the A open in the 3rd riff which is OK but
I checked the actual sheet music and the C 3rd fret is written
in the sheet music as the guitar and bass parts)

Key of C

   Am       G        F       G

Let the open 'G' ring out each time

1st verse :

Am  G      F     G    Am    G     F   G
All    our times have come. ( music )

Am  G      F     G        Am    G     F   G
Here   but now   they're  gone. ( music )

F             G            Am
Seasons don't fear the reaper   nor

       F          E               Am
do the wind,  the sun or the rain.     We

    G           F       G         Am
can be like they are.   Come on baby.  Don't

Fear the Reaper...

1st solo break


2nd verse :

As 1st verse above

2nd solo break



Bucks partial lead:

No Chord ( and no bass )





Main Solo
really cool sounding) :  t = trill



3rd verse and fade

(I can't take credit but I figured this site needed this song! :) )