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eBGDAE1Em=15602000244200200023D0200324003200325A10200126002001207C1323312813233129(:30) Em They met in a02000210hurricane002000211D standing in the shelter02003212out of the rain0032003213Am7 she tucked a note102001214into his hand0020012015C1323312163302331217Em Later on they02000218took his car002000219D drove on down where the02003220beaches are0032003221Am7 he wrote her name102001222in the sand0020012023C1323312243302331225(:55) G Never even let330033026F go of her113211327C hand132331228D4(add9)3540534029053040534301Em - interlude02000231002000232D020032330032003234Am71020012350020012036C13233123733023312382,3(1:48) C Sometimes the132031239world begins to132031240set you up on your132031241feet again and oh132031242Bm it wipes the324423443tears from you eyes324023444D0200324502003246C How will you132031247Ever know the132031248way that circumstan132031249ces go132031250Bm it's gonna hit324423451you by surprise324023452D02003253 but I02003254Am7 know my past0102055Gsus4/B you were there in100256C evreything things I've102357Cadd9 done302358you are the one59Em 4X on 2nd repeat - 14X on 3rd.02000260002000261D 2nd ending last time.020032620032003263Am710200126400200120651C132331266330233126721323312683302331269000220Change tuning (R)
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